10 baldness myths to forget about

Many men sooner or later go bald, but everyone faces this “cosmetic” problem differently. Anyway, most often, patients believe in certain baldness myths. Today, let us try to understand which of them better forget about. Perhaps, this will help you make the right choices about how to treat (or not to treat) hair loss.

Causes of baldness myths

The main reason for the different theories lies in the fact that no clear scientific explanation for baldness still exists actually. We may have many prerequisites for hair loss, and often lose hair due to several factors at once. Let’s consider each of the myths considering male pattern baldness in more detail.

Baldness always occurs with age

In fact, not exactly. Yes, baldness is more noticeable in older people. However, even 90-year-olds can retain their beautiful hair. Moreover, young people under the age of 30 may go bald early.

Men go bald due to genetics through the maternal line

Many believe that if grandfather on the maternal line went bald early, then the same fate awaits you. German scientists in 2005 really discovered a hair loss gene in the X chromosome, passed from mother. However, in 2008, scientists found a baldness gene in the male branch of inheritance, which leveled the previous theory.

Alopecia can be genetically determined, but not so often, and baldness is definitely transmitted not only through the maternal line.

Testosterone affects hair loss

Some balding patients think that they lose hair because of their gender – in other words, due to increased testosterone levels. While hormones can indeed affect hair growth on the body, face and scalp, such a direct correlation between testosterone and baldness does not exist. So, put this believe among other baldness myths.

Men lose hair due to stress

Actually, this is one of the baldness myths, which we can call more or less true. Medically speaking, stress or other psychological problems do not always cause hair loss. However, traumatic experiences often lead to, for example, alopecia areata.

Baldness begins if you wash your hair too often

Some men believe that transnational corporations “specially produce shampoos that lead to hair loss in order to cash in on us.” Foolish! However, washing your hair too often can negatively affect the appearance of the hair and the quality of the scalp.

Hair falls out due to overuse of styling products

Proponents of this rather silly theory insist that hair sprays and gels contain “bad” chemicals in high concentrations, thus causing hair loss. Surely, everyone should better choose quality hair care products, but baldness does not start because of them. Look for another reason.

baldness myths to forget about

The more you cut your hair, the better it grows

I don’t want to upset anyone, but a haircut does not affect the number of hair follicles or the number of hairs on the head. Cut your hair as much as you want, but don’t expect to prevent or, moreover, to cure alopecia.

To preserve hair, you need to give up hats

No, hats do not make your hair “disappear.” On the contrary, in cold weather, a hat or cap will save your hair from the damaging effects of the environment. This is one of the most stupid baldness myths. Remember that one can stop real alopecia only by quality medicine or surgery. Also, you can just ignore it and shave baldly. It suits many men.

Frequent visits to the tanning salon make you lose hair

Of course, sunburn, especially in a tanning bed, may harm your health. On the other hand, solarium does not affect the quality and quantity of hair in any way – this is just one of the most popular baldness myths.

Hair follicles can be “grown at home”

Unfortunately, science hasn’t gone that far yet. You can restore the “reserve” of hair follicles with the help of hair transplantation. Or, if you do not want to overcome a surgery, you will have as many follicles as you had at birth. Minus those that died. At the same time, medications can “revive” existing “roots” and stop further baldness.