10 facts about hair transplantation + pros and cons

Since many men and women cannot decide whether hair transplants could do better or worse, we’ve decided to make it clear. Learn more about hair loss treatment methods, the cost of transplantation, and other important tips on “price of the beauty.” But first, mind that the most common type of baldness, androgenetic alopecia, has certain genetic roots. According to one of the studies, in 73 to 75% of cases, blame your mom. Other 20% seem to be due to your dad. Only 5 to 7% of population suffers from hair loss because of bad habits, poor diet, ecology, stress, and so on.

hair transplantation pros and cons

False and true 10 facts about hair transplantation

In this article, we would like to discuss some of the most common facts about hair transplants as a cure for baldness. Enjoy!

  1. Is hair transplantation a temporary treatment? Well, if you have to do something with your hair, you should know the basic issues. For example, the follicles to “move” are located on the back of the head, or the so-called donor area. Or, that the consequences of such a treatment include the “shock loss” which usually occurs in 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. In most patients, the new hair stays in place.
  2. Who can transplant hair – only men, or women, too? Right now, approximately 14.7% of the population with hair transplants worldwide are women.
  3. Is this kind of treatment painful? In good medical centers, patients can even watch TV or read books painlessly during the whole procedure, mostly due to local anesthesia. Still, some patients might feel uncomfortable, or even hurt.
  4. Can elderly handle transplanting hair? In fact, yes. But mind that the older you are, the more surgeries of this kind you might have to overcome, since the hair will still fall down.
  5. Do younger people have a 100% result? In this case, “the sooner the better” does not really work. For younger patients, medicines seem to be a better solution. Making decisions in a hurry, without a plan for a hair transplant, can lead to irreversible negative results. Anyway, see your doctor first.
  6. Can you observe the results immediately after surgery? Unfortunately, the healing process after such an intervention gets really visible within about 12 months. Do not forget about “shock” hair loss in the first several weeks.
  7. Is it really expensive? You can find various medical centers and compare their prices before you decide, since the cost of such a surgery depends a lot. Anyway, medicines for hair loss will cost you much less, especially at the first stages of the disease.
  8. Can you use hair follicles taken from another person? Theoretically, yes. But in practice, this will cost you too much.
  9. Do you have to shave your head before the surgery? With the new technologies, you to do completely without shaving. Ask a specialist for the existing technologies.
  10. Will your hair transplant look unnatural? Obviously, it depends on your doctor, first of all. Anyway, if you face the very first stage of hair loss, better first try medications.
  11. How to make it look more natural? Hair grows at different angles and directions. Before you undergo a surgery, try to find a really good specialist who can plan it all the best way.