Do serious illnesses cause baldness as a symptom?

Most of us perceive alopecia as a separate problem and just look for ways to stop hair loss and restore hair. However, can serious illnesses cause baldness as a symptom? Today, I will tell you about all the cases when you should start worrying not only about the treatment of alopecia itself, but also about the state of your health in general.

What diseases and conditions may cause alopecia

In fact, dozens of causes of baldness in men and women exist, and in this blog we have talked about them many times. Also, we constantly provide information on various methods of preventing and treating alopecia. And I mean not only taking specific medications, such as Propecia or its analogs, but also using certain cosmetic products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

serious illnesses cause baldness

But, unfortunately, many serious illnesses cause baldness as a symptom. Moreover, in some cases of hair loss, you should first find and cure the root cause, and only then think about your hair. In addition, timely treatment of a severe or chronic disease, or at least maintaining the body in normal condition might help you stop hair loss.

Check this incomplete list of serious diseases causing hair loss:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (in particular, coronary insufficiency)
  • stomach ulcer
  • diabetes
  • psoriasis
  • a number of autoimmune diseases

Besides, less serious conditions such as seborrhea, pregnancy, stress or genetic predisposition can lead to baldness. Some (like seborrhea) are quite easy to treat. Others pass by themselves. For example, stress can disappear when the situation improves, or if you make efforts to deal with it. And, for instance, pregnancy is a completely natural state which passes. Unfortunately, you can do nothing about genetics – just take the pills to preserve hair.

Not so long ago, scientists found out that even COVID-19 can lead to temporary hair loss.

Finally, many patients with various types of cancer temporarily lose hair while undergoing chemotherapy. However, cancer itself does not cause baldness.

What if you suspect you have serious illnesses which cause baldness?

First of all, listen to your body and try to understand if you have other symptoms. In any case, better consult a doctor as soon as possible. He or she will listen to your complains and examine you to prescribe further tests and visits to specialists. Anyway, never ignore the very fact that many serious illnesses cause baldness as a symptom. If you notice sudden and rapid hair loss, think of health check immediately.