Early baldness prevention and treatment

Many of us worry about hair loss, and not only men or old people. Unfortunately, younger people of any gender might face the same problem. Within normal limits, an adult loses about 100 strands of hair per day. However, you should start worrying if the hair is noticeably thinning and begins to fall out in larger quantities. Bald patches on the scalp most often mean a person has a pathological process called alopecia, or baldness. Sometimes, it starts as soon as after puberty. Let us try to understand how it works, how to prevent early baldness, and how to deal with it even when it seems too late.

The most common causes of early baldness in men and women

Briefly, the most common causes of early hair loss include internal (autoimmune diseases, hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition) and external (certain infections, chronic stress, injuries, improper hair care, medications you take, and so on) ones. Also, early baldness can be caused by various diseases, such as diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, thyroid gland, etc.

early baldness prevention

In addition, mind some specific factors which might cause early baldness in men and women. For example, according to studies, young men might face the problem because of excessive physical activity, or increased levels of testosterone in the body, especially in the presence of high sensitivity of hair follicles to male hormones. At the same time, women risk of losing hair too soon because of hormonal changes during pregnancy, abortion, menopause, or even due to hormonal oral contraceptives. Fortunately, most these issues in ladies seem reversible. Another common cause of early baldness both in men and women is heredity.

You might think that such causes of hair loss have nothing to do with your own decisions. But do not forget about another one, the so-called mono-diets, leading to a lack of essential vitamins and amino acids. On the other hand, an excess of certain vitamins, especially vitamin A, can also cause uncontrolled hair loss.

Tips on preventing hair loss in young person

First of all, do not underestimate proper hair care. In many cases, hair follicles get damaged because of bad care. Also, mind other early baldness causes mentioned above. For example, you can consult your doctor in order to find less harmful medicines, or choose another diet plan.

Other tips on preventing early hair loss include head massage for better blood supply to the hair follicles, quitting “bad habits” such as smoking, managing stress, and maintaining normal physical activity. If you still notice hair loss, think of visiting specialized medical clinics, or buying medications for your type of hair loss on the web.