Our specialists answer your questions about the treatment and prophylactics of hair loss, choosing the right drug and dose, placing an order online etc. every day. On this page, you can find some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

How can I buy Propecia or its equivalent online?

You can find an online pharmacy which offers these hair loss medications yourself, or just check the list of internet drugstores we have already picked for you. We choose only the best ones, so you will be satisfied with their services and products for sure. Moreover, the sites of these online drugstores are easy to navigate. You will not spend too much time on making a purchase, since all you have to do is follow easy instructions. Please check the information you provide to the website before placing an order and paying for it.

Do I need a prescription to buy generic Propecia and analogues?

Theoretically, a person needs a medical prescription to buy almost any strong medicine. Fortunately, purchasing drugs for hair loss and baldness online seems much easier. Our partners give an opportunity to buy generic Propecia and other medications for better hair growth even without visiting doctors and passing medical exams. Just read the instructions carefully and try to strictly follow them, since in this case you are responsible for self-medicating.

Which shipment method to choose?

First of all, check if the drugstore delivers to your place. Sometimes, a customer can choose only the standard shipment method, that is, airmail delivery. Unfortunately, courier shipping is unavailable in some countries or states. Also mind that standard shipment takes more time and costs less, and the opposite. Just think of how soon you need your magic pills, and how much you can pay for that.

Is it safe to pay for my order online?

We have personally checked every single pharmacy website listed or mentioned here, so you have no reason to worry at all. All the drugstores here guarantee you absolute anonymity, as well as safety of your personal and financial data. No matter which payment method you choose (a store may accept Visa, Master, American Express, wire transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.), it proceeds automatically. Even pharmacy staff cannot see full details of your payment. And, of course, these sites never provide such confidential information to any third party.

Which payment methods are available?

As already mentioned above, the payment methods available depend mostly on each pharmacy corporate rules and opportunities. In addition, the possibility to pay with certain card or other means may depend on your bank, or the country or state you live in. According to our own experience and testimonials of most patients, the easiest ways to pay for an order when you buy Propecia or analogs online include MasterCard and Bitcoin payments.

Is generic Propecia as safe as the brand-name drug?

Let us remind you of the main differences between the so-called original and generic medications, which also refer to Propecia, Finpecia and their analogues for hair loss treatment and prophylactics. Such differences include patenting the drug, conducting initial and additional research and clinical testing, and the use of the formula. Due to lower costs, manufacturers of generics set much lower prices. Still, the formula, the active substance, the effect and safety of the medicine remain the same. So, the answer is definitely yes.

Are the products you sell safe and effective?

Here we mention only the best manufacturers and sellers, guaranteeing you the best quality medicines for hair loss at a reasonable price. Due to this, you do not have to worry about your safety, or efficiency of the treatment. Moreover, you will never have to overpay.