Hair loss in men at a young age

Hair loss in men, their partial or complete loss on the head is one of the most serious problems in men. Moreover, baldness can be observed even at an early age. For many male representatives, this becomes a huge problem, which generates a lot of other complexes. As a rule, hair loss on the head indicates a number of disorders in the body, and the sooner a man solves them, the more chances he has to stay with an attractive hairstyle.

Hair loss in men: Causes of early baldness

Recent research in the field of trichology suggests that there are a number of internal and external factors that negatively affect the density of hair. The most common causes of alopecia in young men:

  • heredity – baldness, which is observed on the father’s side, several times increases the risk of abundant hair loss in the son at an early age (although, as a standard, with a normal lifestyle, the hereditary factor manifests itself in the interval from 35 to 50 years);
  • hormonal changes – an excess of dihydrotestosterone adversely affects the hair follicles;
  • diseases that cause fever (a sharp increase in body temperature negatively affects the hair follicles);
  • bacterial and fungal infections (dandruff, dermatitis) – if the problem is ignored (in a neglected state), they can provoke baldness;
  • improper nutrition – a poorly balanced diet can cause alopecia;
  • regular lack of sleep and bad habits – negatively affect the hair follicles;
  • thyroid problems and oncology;
  • poor ecological situation in the place of residence.

Also, the condition of the hair is affected by frequent stress, nervous shocks (the function of blood circulation in the dermis is disrupted, which reduces the quality of hair nutrition).

Hair loss in young men

Types of baldness

The effectiveness of the treatment of hair loss in men largely depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis. The main types of alopecia:

  1. Diffuse – this type of baldness is characterized by thinning of the hair cover over the entire surface of the head. The cause of the disease lies in the lack of vitamins and trace elements, in a poor environmental situation, as well as the abuse of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
  2. Seborrheic – often occurs in adolescents. The main cause of seborrheic alopecia is a change in the hormonal background. Guys change the composition of subcutaneous fat and increase its production. As a result, sebaceous plugs appear in the micropores of the dermis, which block the normal operation of hair follicles. The nutrition of the hair is disrupted, due to which they become brittle and dry and fall out as a result. If you start treatment on time, the situation will normalize in a few years. However, if seborrhea provokes excessive loss of strands, more thorough therapy is required.
  3. Scarring is formed due to damage to the scalp (by mechanical means or infectious diseases). On the scar, the hair roots die 100%, so it will not be possible to restore them medically.
  4. Nest – the hairline is thinning on one or more parts of the head at the same time. As a result, miniature bald spots appear – hairless zones of rounded shape. Baldness of this format can be subjected not only to hair, but also eyebrows, beard. Ingoda, with proper treatment, bald spots disappear after a few months. However, if the therapy did not help, then the hairless areas will increase, merge, which will lead to complete baldness. In this case, the hairstyle can be restored by transplantation from donor sites.
  5. Androgenic – such alopecia is formed due to the high sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. The latter disrupts the production of proteins, as a result of which the follicles do not receive proper nutrition. The hairline dries up and weakens, after which the hair begins to actively fall out, and the follicles go into “hibernation”. If the current situation is not corrected in a timely manner, they will die. This type of baldness is the most common in middle–aged men. The presence of bad habits and frequent stress can worsen the disease.

Methods of treatment

Hair loss at a young age is a consequence of serious malfunctions in the body. There are several ways to get rid of baldness:

  • Cosmetic;
  • Medicamental;
  • Physiotherapy;

Read more about these methods of treatment in our next article.