Hair restoration after baldness treatment

Today, let us talk about the delicate problem of hair restoration after baldness. Quite often, even after successful treatment and stopping hair loss, people face the fact that the quantity and quality of hair has noticeably deteriorated. So, is it possible to restore hair after baldness, and how to do it?

The problem of baldness in men and women – the main points

Almost half of men over the age of 40 face the problem of baldness. Moreover, at the same age, many women begin to complain of hair loss. If you notice not natural hair loss, but real alopecia, better start the treatment course as soon as possible.

The choice of treatment method depends, among other things, on the causes of alopecia. They include genetic predisposition, deficiency of vitamins and minerals and generally unhealthy diet, a number of diseases or taking certain medications, exposure to harmful external factors, and so on. Actually, even usual stress can lead to hair loss.

Anyway, even after even successful treatment of alopecia, people ask another popular question:

Is it possible to restore hair after baldness?

Fortunately, after a successful treatment, the simplest things can help in hair restoration after baldness:

  • Eat properly
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety from life
  • Take care of your hair using the highest quality gentle products
  • Quit bad habits.

Hair restoration after baldness treatment

As a rule, doctors recommend patients with alopecia to use special products – medicinal and restorative shampoos, balms and hair masks.

Also, consider a professional head massage. Many men note that this procedure helps restore follicles, due to which hair grows even better than before treatment.

Other remedies for hair restoration after baldness

Some patients highly appreciated the effect of biostimulants containing various substances (for example, plant stem cells, biotin, amino acids etc.). Such remedies supposedly work both internally and as an external treatment for the scalp and hair. Particularly, you can count on an improvement in blood microcirculation. In fact, I don’t really believe in this method, but you can try it, too.

Moreover, men and women often resort to folk remedies to restore hair after baldness, and for some it works great. In addition, consider other medical and cosmetic treatments – mesotherapy, ozone therapy, laser hair restoration, phototherapy, and so on.

Also, in most cases, after the end of the course of treatment, specialists recommend to repeat the course of usual effective medications from time to time, so that the problem does not return.