Hollywood ways to cope with alopecia.

Actress Ashley Tisdale said that she cope with alopecia with the help of meditation and diet.

American actress Ashley Tisdale said that she copes with alopecia with the help of meditation and diet. She named the ways to combat pathological hair loss in her blog Frenche.

According to 37-year-old Tisdale, she started losing her hair from the age of 20. The reason for this was the stress with which the Hollywood actress is allowed to cope with meditation, yoga and “trying to understand what matters and what does not.”

In addition, the balding actress adheres to a diet that she compares with a paleo diet, implying the use of food available to primitive people. The paleo diet contains a lot of meat, fish, nuts, eggs, unprocessed seeds, mushrooms, some berries, fruits, vegetables and greens. “Thanks to her, I feel better, she is good for digestion. You don’t have to live on it, but it’s not bad to arrange it for yourself for a month,” says Tisdale, who excluded grains from this diet.

cope with alopecia

Cope with alopecia

The actress also goes through plasma therapy — a procedure for injecting the patient’s own blood plasma under the scalp. Tisdale assures that this treatment gives noticeable results.

Earlier, the Englishwoman Noshen Choudry, who defeated alopecia and created her own remedy for baldness, named ways to avoid hair loss. The woman noted that not only diseases, but also improper care can lead to the loss of strands.