How do I get my hair back? Do hair transplant alternatives work?

Both women and men dream of a luxurious thick hairstyle. But hair loss can be a serious obstacle on the way to this dream. This problem makes you think about how to get your hair back without drastic measures in the form of a transplant. We will try to analyze the answer to this question in this article.

How to get your hair back: the first steps

The modern pace of life often negatively affects the condition of the hair. Frequent stress, bad habits and poor nutrition gradually worsen the appearance of the hair. The adverse effects of these factors extend not only to the shaft, but also to the root of the hair. As a result, they begin to weaken. And then completely fall out. Other common causes of baldness include diseases and heredity.

Restoring a hairstyle after a serious hair loss is a long and complex process that requires patience and care. To do this, they resort to a variety of procedures.

Signs of baldness

Hair loss is often confused with a normal hair growth cycle. That is why it is important to correctly identify the signs of baldness. In some cases, the process of baldness from the first signs to pronounced symptoms can take years. And this complicates hair restoration. You can avoid this by reading the list of the main signs of baldness that has begun:

  • increased amount of hair remaining on the pillow after sleeping;
  • after washing, tufts of hair remain in the bathroom;
  • when combing, a lot of hair falls out;
  • there are always a lot of fallen hairs on clothes;
  • 2-3 days after shampooing, the hair loss increases.

If these signs appear, you should contact a specialist. The trichologist will determine whether it is possible to return the hair, help find the cause of baldness and choose ways to fight. The more time passes since the appearance of the first symptoms of alopecia, the more difficult it will be to fight it.

How to return the fallen hair without transplantation?

The method of treating baldness depends on the causes of its occurrence. Most often, a set of measures is prescribed for this, including cosmetological, medicinal and hardware measures. It is also recommended to normalize your lifestyle by giving up bad habits, avoiding stress. And also adhering to a balanced diet.

Cosmetics and medicines

Cosmetics and medications are the most common and affordable way to combat hair loss. Cosmetics (shampoos, masks, oils, emulsions, etc.) help to improve the condition of the hair and strengthen the follicles. And medicines from the inside act on the hair roots, strengthening and stimulating them.

Both cosmetics and medicines require regular and long-term use. In this way, you can reduce the amount of hair loss and activate their growth. But with serious baldness, such therapy may be ineffective.

Also, according to the doctor’s prescription, you can use propecia. After undergoing a course of treatment, the chance of restoring an excellent hairstyle will be 90%. We remind you that you should not self-medicate and propecia (or its analogue, for example, finpecia) should be used only on the advice of a doctor.

Hormone Blockers

Hormone blockers are medications that should be taken only as prescribed by a doctor. Their effect is to block the action of hormones that have caused baldness. Most often they are combined with hair growth stimulants.

Effective treatment requires a long course of treatment. The disadvantage of such drugs is the effect on the overall hormonal background and possible side effects. The appointment of hormonal drugs should be decided by a trichologist after a series of examinations and tests.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is one of the modern ways to restore hair after baldness. Its advantages include painlessness and ease of execution. Laser beams have an effect on the hair follicles, stimulating their awakening.

Also, this procedure helps to improve the blood circulation of the skin. This activates cell regeneration and enriches them with oxygen. But laser therapy is effective only in the presence of “sleeping” follicles. Therefore, it is best to resort to it after a short period of time after the onset of baldness.

Active regeneration

Active regeneration is an innovative procedure performed with the help of a special device. This method is called an alternative to hair transplantation. It consists in dividing your own piece of tissue from the scalp to the size of microparticles. Then a suspension is created with these particles. It is inserted with a thin needle into the problem areas of the scalp.

Plasma therapy

Plasma therapy is a new method of dealing with various hair problems. It rejuvenates, restores and stimulates skin cells. It also improves blood circulation and saturates cells with trace elements. This procedure is effective for baldness against the background of deterioration of blood circulation and metabolism in skin cells. But with alopecia caused by heredity or diseases, it will be ineffective.

Transplantation is the most effective way to solve the problem of baldness. It is used for all forms of alopecia. The procedure uses your own hair. Therefore, the survival rate is high. It makes it possible to get rid of the problem forever.