How to choose a proper cure for baldness in men

Let’s take a look at all of the most popular anti-alopecia treatments, from cosmetics and supplements to medications. In addition, we will try to figure out how to choose a proper cure for baldness in men. However, mind that in most cases a patient can pick up the most effective remedy for hair loss only by trying various ones. No doctor or medical test can accurately indicate how each remedy will act in each case. Still, consider some general recommendations.

Light artillery: Cosmetics and vitamins for hair growth

Most people, when noticing the very first signs of hair loss, start using special cosmetic products. Not all of them help, but most would never hurt. Moreover, experts often recommend using natural cosmetics for hair growth along with pharmacological treatment, too. At the same time, taking certain supplements with the drugs for baldness might harm, so be careful.

Anyway, check this list of the most important vitamins and minerals for hair loss, and stick to cosmetics and supplements which contain them:

  • Vitamin A and Vitamin B5 improve the regeneration of skin and hair follicles. The second substance also prevents premature graying of hair.
  • Biotin helps maintain optimal metabolism in the skin, hair and nails. You can appreciate its action both in cosmetic products and supplements.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 do a lot for a human body, hair growth included.
  • Zinc improves the absorption of vitamin A, thus stimulating regeneration process.
  • Chromium contributes to better hair growth.
  • Inositol strengthens hair follicles, preventing or even slowing hair loss.

When choosing natural cure for baldness, be ready to wait quite a long time before you notice the first improvements. Most cosmetics and supplements have a visible effect in a month, and sometimes you have to wait up to three months. In fact, if a remedy seems useless after three months of therapy, you have no need to use it anymore.

Heavy artillery: Choosing a medical cure for baldness

If cosmetics and vitamins have no effect, turn to medications for hair loss. For male patients, the best options are Finasteride-based medicines, such as Propecia, Finpecia and Proscar. Of course, such drugs have not only benefits, but also certain disadvantages. Particularle, be prepared to the so-called withdrawal syndrome. In case of these medications, you might notice the effect only during the treatment. As soon as you stop taking your pills, hair might begin falling again.

cure for baldness

Finasteride regulates hormonal levels, slowing down the production of the male hormone testosterone, and thus preventing destruction of hair follicles. In most men, it has a great noticeable effect. Unfortunately, some patients do not respond even to this highly effective therapy.

In addition, mind that Finasteride eliminates the causes of hair loss in men, not the symptoms. So, better start taking this cure for baldness as soon as possible. Thus, you can stop the destructive effect of the disease on hair follicles in the early stages.