How to cure alopecia?

Remedies for alopecia. How to cure alopecia? Treatment of hair loss by “male type” or as a result of a hereditary factor should be comprehensive and include:

  • use of special medicines;
  • taking vitamin complexes;
  • physiotherapy procedures;
  • HFE hair transplantation.

Since with androgenic alopecia, the loss is less intense, gradual, the treatment regimen is selected individually, taking into account age characteristics and the nature of baldness.

How to cure alopecia: Drug therapy


To rid patients of baldness, various remedies are used against hair loss. One of them is the drug Minoxidil (Rogaine). For many, this is the best remedy for hair loss, due to the unique formula of the composition.

The remedy against hair loss has a targeted effect on follicle cells and leads to an increase in blood supply to tissues. As a result, the nutrition of the hair improves, they become stronger, there is an active restoration of the hair cover.

There are drugs against hair loss in a 5% solution. They allow you to stop hair loss in men. There is also a Minoxidil 2% solution intended for women.

how to cure alopecia

To get a result, the treatment of hair loss with the drug must be carried out for at least a year. If you interrupt the course, in addition to the appearance of peeling, redness of the skin, all new hair that has grown in the baldness zone also begins to fall out.


Many men are interested in how to get rid of hair loss. The drug Finasteride (propecia, finpecia) has been developed specifically against hair loss in men. This is a unique remedy that helps to stop male baldness, but is not suitable against hair loss in women.

The drug helps to stop baldness, restore the density of the hair, and this is proved by more than a million men who have used the remedy. Finasteride can be used independently, as well as in conjunction with Minoxidil after hair transplantation. This is exactly the drug that treats hair loss especially effectively in the initial stages of baldness. It actively reduces the amount of hair loss at the beginning of alopecia, and is less active when the disease progresses.

Vitamin complexes and mineral supplements

Hair loss causes and treatment – all this is of interest to people who are faced with baldness. As already mentioned, it is possible to stop hair loss in women, as well as men, using an integrated approach. Medical remedies against hair loss and vitamin complexes are used in the treatment.

One of such vitamin preparations with an effective effect is Tricologic, which contains TM Keratin. This complex includes:

  • amino acids that activate keratin production;
  • paraaminobenzoic acid;
  • extracts of valuable plants;
  • vitamins E, C;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • iron;
  • beta-carotene;
  • selenium;
  • vitamin elements of group B.

The vitamin complex is consumed orally, and supplies valuable substances for hair nutrition through the blood, directly to the follicles. Due to the presence of vitamins E, C, beta-carotene, free radical blocking is achieved, aging and hair loss are slowed down.

How to cure alopecia – Laser physiotherapy at home

The device “Hairmax Lasercomb” is optimally suited to stop severe hair loss, what should I do with a comb?

It is necessary to comb your hair regularly using the device. It is equipped with nine lasers, which, when exposed at the same time, lead to intensive strengthening of the hair. The laser comb is suitable for men, women. It purposefully affects weak follicles, increases the efficiency of cells. As a result of laser exposure occurs:

  • activation of blood supply to tissues;
  • the volume of nutrients supplied to the bulbs increases;
  • the removal of toxins is accelerated.

This is an effective remedy against hair loss, which is confirmed by a clinical study. For six months, men of 30-60 years of age used a comb for hair care. 93% of volunteers who did not know how to stop hair loss by 1 cm2 had 19 healthy follicles due to the awakening of “sleeping” bulbs.