Living with untreated baldness

You might be surprised, but not all men are seriously worried because of beginning and even progressing untreated baldness. In my opinion, this very common problem requires treatment or at least cosmetic procedures. Still, some patients think they can live perfectly without any hair at all. Why not shave your head? Well, do not forget that a completely bald man can look attractive only if he is in an excellent physical shape. A short, thin, frail man with a bald head will look creepy or terminally ill. However, let’s talk about how you can deal with hair loss without medicines.

How to deal with untreated baldness without medicines

Untreated baldness may affect your life much more than you can imagine. If you do not want to go through a therapy for hair loss, at least think of doing something to stop the process. Moreover, I advise to prevent possible loss of hair follicles before it starts. That is, before you get old.

Here are some tips on preventing baldness and improving your condition:

  • Try to maintain a healthy diet. The foods which could help with untreated baldness include fish (especially salmon), eggs, nuts, oatmeal and chicken meat.
  • Quit smoking and limit alcohol. Bad habits also contribute to hair loss.
  • Avoid stressful situations. Stress, anxiety and depression quite often lead to temporary hair loss.
  • Pay attention to shampoo and other cosmetics you use. If you notice you start to lose hair, first change your hair treatment routine.
  • Remember that in most cases male baldness is due to genetics, so many people can do nothing with it except medical treatment.

Ways to cover up bald spots and patches, or balding edges

What if you already lost most of your hair, and still do not want to treat this awful condition? Go to a gym, get more muscle mass, and then shave your head. Maybe, others will love your new look.

Donald Trump

Other ways to cover up bald spots in case of untreated baldness include such tricks as wearing a wig or visiting a clinic for hair extension. Some men prefer comb-overs. Anyway, avoid doing a Donald Trump!