Stop baldness: When is it possible – and when not?

Let us talk about when you can stop baldness or even prevent it using even the simplest methods such as healthy foods, cosmetics or Propecia and analogues. First of all, I’m talking about male-type alopecia, which can also occur in women, by the way. In fact, proper treatment depends on the type of hair loss (read the list below). Please do not forget that baldness can be either an independent pathology or a consequence of another disease. Moreover, even common signs of aging include losing at least some hair.

The main types of hair loss

Normally, a person can lose up to 150 hairs a day and not even notice it. Unfortunately, we usually understand that we start to go bald when it’s too late. So, a man or a woman begins thinking of how to stop baldness. Perhaps, one should have thought about preventing the disease in advance.

Particularly, prevention works for most common types of hair loss:

  • Male-type alopecia can be congenital, more precisely genetic. In this case, you may notice hair thinning even in adolescence. Hair grows slowly, in becomes thinner and thinner. Moreover, it drops all the time. Better try to stop baldness as soon as possible with the help of cosmetics, medications, and maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Androgenetic alopecia concerns approximately 95% of all cases of male pattern baldness. As a rule, a man has a receding hairline, which constantly increases in size. Under the influence of the active form of testosterone, the vessels of the scalp narrow, and the hair follicles cannot produce normal hair anymore. Just in a few years, connective tissue forms at the site of the bald spot. As a result, natural hair growth becomes impossible.

When you cannot stop baldness: The most dangerous diagnoses

For example, you might be worried in the case of diffuse alopecia. That is, hair loss occurs over the entire scalp in response to a failure in the hair’s life cycle. No matter why that happens, but you can do almost nothing to stop baldness in this particular case. Still, earl treatment may help.

Another one, the so-called telogen form of diffuse alopecia causes thinning and loss of 80% of the hair at once within literally a year. This can happen due to depression, overwork, stress, even a banal lack of sleep. In addition, such unpleasant consequences arise due to improper nutrition or strict diets. Other illnesses, surgeries, or certain medications can also affect it. Such patients can stop baldness, but only when noticing it in time.

stop baldness

Anagenic form of diffuse alopecia occurs as a result of exposure to poisoning, toxins, radiation, chemotherapy. Hair falls out, but the follicles do not die and they can grow back. So, if you have to undergo chemotherapy, talk to your doctor about how to prevent or stop baldness. Unfortunately, no specialist can guarantee you success.

In 2-3% of cases, alopecia areata occurs due to disturbances in the immune system for a variety of reasons. Search for a diagnosis and ask specialists for advice.

In addition, mind the rare scarring alopecia. It means the death of follicles due to inflammation as a result of infections (viruses, bacteria, etc), trauma, burns, and certain diseases. Most often, such patients cannot stop baldness, since the connective tissue does not allow the hair follicles to grow.