On this page, you will find testimonials sent by other patients. Hope they will help you choose the right medication for hair loss, pick up the best dose, and find the most affordable price. You can send your review here


been buying the stuff they advice for years and am totally satisfied. -0.5 points for not too fast delivery from one of the drugstores (maybe that was customs fault)

Mr. Lawrence

Everything is clear here, and the pharmacies listed – I used two of them – offer nice prices and good service in general. Would recommend to others, but mind possible side effects.


Just great, nothing else to say!


First, I chose the wrong medicine that didn’t really help. But then I’ve found another one which suits me better. Good job, anyway


I am still bold, guys! After a month of treatment the same shit! Delivery was fast, so get your 3 stars..

Anthony FrenchPress

cannot say that i got all my hair back but the things are definitely getting better. another issue is they really answer your questions if you have ‘em. hope the treatment will finally help someday.

Kyle H.

Great choice, great service, great feedback. But I’ve also made some research myself before buying a hair loss drug online. Mind the origin of the problem and personal response to the treatment! Also, be ready to spend several months just waiting for the miracle to come.

Good Bad Guy

Love this site. Seems like the prices here are one of the lowest on the web. They also provide free delivery for big enough orders.

Frank S.

I am satisfied with everything except the fact that some pharmacies have problems with certain payment methods. Will switch to PayPal or even Bitcoin.

Max Potter

Thank you, dudes! After years (and even thinking of surgery), I see my hair growing back!!! Highly recommend!