The sexuality of baldness: Why shouldn’t you worry about hair loss?

Most people prefer thick hair, which seems both healthy and beautiful. However, you don’t have to worry about hair loss, even if it starts too early. Actually, today I will try to convince you of the sexuality of baldness in men. Then, you can decide whether you need treatment for alopecia or not.

Psychologist’s comment

Before speaking about the sexuality of baldness with you, I turned to a fellow psychologist for a comment. According to her, people unconsciously perceive hair as an indicator of health, potency, social and financial status. Unsurprisingly, most people perceive hair loss as the onset of aging.

In addition, many patients do not like their shape of the skull, and therefore try to avoid baldness. Anyway, hair loss lowers the self-esteem of many men.

Fortunately, common therapy can help deal with it. According to the expert, to combat complexes, you just have to shift the focus of perception. If a men relies on his work success, conversation skills, good physical shape, stylish clothes – no one will notice the bald head.

Mind bald celebrities!

Also, you shouldn’t worry about early hair loss because you are not alone. For example, prince William have started to go bald at the age of 12. Over time, he shaved his head. Trichologists emphasize that quite often the roots of the problem lie in genetic predisposition, so you cannot really deal with that.

Think of the sexiest men on the planet such as Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel. They don’t seem to care about hair loss at all! Who else could confirm the sexuality of baldness better?

Bruce Willis: sexuality of baldness

Research results

The psychologist also told me about a study in which women assessed the external and internal qualities of men with and without hair. It turned out that bald ones can even seem more attractive. At the very least, they were rated as more mature (but not old), courageous and confident.

How to emphasize the sexuality of baldness: Tips from a stylist

If for some reason you do not want to treat alopecia, try to take advantage of this condition. For example, you can emphasize your masculinity and sexuality of baldness with simple techniques.

Nowadays, either extremely long hair or very short hair is in vogue. A beard or stubble will help add brutality. Perhaps, with this choice, you will have to revise your wardrobe. However, the bald head looks great with many styles, from gym clothes to elegant suit. So, you can at least try changing your style, and then decide whether you need the treatment or not.