Top causes of hair loss in men and women

Let’s forget about the ways to deal with male-type alopecia for a while, and talk about the main causes of hair loss. In fact, baldness can be not a terrible disease, but just a temporary and even quite normal state.

Of course, if you already have an impressive receding hairline, better start treatment as soon as possible. But if your hair has just started to fall out, you can even try to do without medication. Read about the main causes of hair loss and consider whether it concerns you personally. Good luck!

Causes of hair loss in men and women and solutions for each situation

So, check this list of the most common causes of hair loss in patients of both genders, with obvious solutions to each specific problem:

  • Unbalanced diet. Very often, hair falls out just because you eat improper foods. On our website you can find recommendations for a balanced diet to promote hair growth.
  • Seasonal lack of vitamins and minerals. You have noticed that hair falls out “seasonally”, every year at about the same time? It is very likely that the reason lies in a lack of vitamins and minerals. Find a good supplement.
  • Hormonal changes in the body. For example, temporary hair loss often starts during pregnancy or the postpartum period, as well as menopause in women, puberty in everyone, and so on. Anyway, better take safe nutritional supplements, eat healthy foods, and use beauty products to support your hair.
  • Stress, depression, chronic fatigue. Scientists have long proven that stress and other mental problems can actually cause physiological changes and even illness. If you lose hair because of it, think of fighting both with the origin and with the process itself.
  • Improper care, frequent shampooing and other external influences. Talk to your hairdresser for advice on gentle hairstyles and hair care products.

Causes of hair loss

More “dangerous” causes of hair loss that require medical attention

In some cases, baldness becomes a more serious problem. For instance, the situations listed below are often not that easy to fix. If you find your case on this list, contact a specialist and find a treatment as soon as possible.

Serious problems leading to hair loss in men and women:

  • Taking certain medications and undergoing some medical procedures. I’m not just talking about chemotherapy, which usually leads to hair loss. In particular, sometimes baldness occurs due to constant use of specific drugs. The trichologist will help determine the exact cause, and the doctor will change the dosage of your medication if needed.
  • Pathological processes in the body. For example, the causes of hair loss include endocrine and cardiovascular diseases, certain mental states, gastrointestinal and dermatological diseases, and even gynecological problems. Take good care of your health and see your doctor regularly.
  • Genetic predisposition. Unfortunately, baldness may start just because of bad genetics. A person might be absolutely healthy, take no medications at all and maintain the healthiest lifestyle, and still lose hair. In this case, only surgery or special drugs will help. Moreover, better combine your pills with proper cosmetic products. Or, you can always choose to shave your head – and make it your own style!